The team at RWBL has experience in many facets of commercial construction. We can cater for any sized project, from a small refurbishment to a large new build.


We offer either Full Fixed Price or Design and Construct forms of delivery;

  • Traditional full fixed price contracting can be a great way to deliver a project for the builder and client when the project is fully designed.
  • Design and Construct contracting is an effective method of delivery when the project is not fully designed and it is desirable for the builder to complete the design in accordance with the client brief.



Construction Management is suitable when the client wishes to have more control in the delivery of the project and subcontract tender process. In this form of delivery;

  • Clients are charged a fee by RWBL to manage the construction work on their behalf.
  • Subcontract costs are paid by the client.
  • Clients are given the choice to authorise which subcontractors tender the works and to whom the work gets awarded.
  • Projects are not required to be fully designed.
  • Clients can easily change the sequence/staging of works.
  • Clients are involved in value engineering and gain the full cost benefit.